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The online marketing team at efelle worked wonders for my company -we are now selling 50% more online than we were the quarter before efelle took over!
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efelle was brought in and it changed everything. Not only does Lawfirm Fusion give us the features and ease of use that we had asked for, but it also offered additional enhancements that have made our website that much better.
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ChamberFusion for Chambers of Commerce

Proven to Increase Chamber Revenue & Member Satisfaction...

Chamber of Commerce Management System

FACT: your staff is overworked, your budget is low and your members want MORE from their membership, RIGHT NOW. How can you save time, offer your members additional benefits AND increase revenue -all at once?

Introducing ChamberFusion, the first FULLY integrated online marketing and management platform designed from the ground up specifically to meet the END TO END needs of Chambers of Commerce organizations, from Membership Management to Social Media Marketing! Created to simplify and reduce the workload of your Chamber staff while maximizing revenue for the AND providing exciting benefits to your MEMBERSHIP...all from a single, easy-to-use interface! Think: no more wasted time and duplicating your efforts!

Chamber of Commerce Management System

ChamberFusion maximizes benefits, increases revenue, saves time

ChamberFusion is the first FULLY integrated chamber marketing and management platform designed from the ground up specifically to meet the END TO END needs of Chambers. Not only will ChamberFusion simplify and reduce the workload of your Chamber staff (critical in these times of reduced budgets), it also offers many exciting benefits to your members that will greatly enhance the value of their membership while creating additional revenue for your chamber.

ChamberFusion allows you to spend less time worrying about managing your website, your social media AND your membership administration so that you can spend more time dealing with the business issues facing you and your members.

Benefits to Chambers and Members:

- Maximizes business exposure for Members
- Creates additional revenue streams for Chambers
- Saves administrative time & costs
- Adds member benefits & increases satisfaction
- Integrates Social Media for maximum exposure

ChamberFusion Features:

- Single, easy-to-use dashboard for ALL systems
- Complete member management system
- Update and manage from any web-connected computer
- Quickbooks integration to eliminate duplicate efforts
- Integrated eMail newsletter to send emails & notices
- Social Media Enhanced to publicize your chamber
- BLOG module included for news & updates
- Easy to use online schedule module
- Real time statistics & reporting
- Fully hosted and managed solution
- No hardware to buy, configure and manage
- Easy to use, easy to maintain
- Live, 24/7 support & online video tutorials

An easy to use chamber management system that's ALSO affordable?!

Yes, it's true: ChamberFusion is both affordable AND easy-to-use! Do your chamber and your membership a favor and contact us online or give us a call at 206.384.4909 to walk through a free, no-obligation online demo and discuss how easy and profitable YOUR chamber of commerce website CAN be!

Still on the fence? Additional ChamberFusion details to win you over:

We would love to walk you through an online demo but understand sometimes you want to know as much as possible before deciding to give us a call -for this reason we've included the following additional information for your review:

chamber of commerce websiteIn as little as one to two week's time you'll be enjoying your new, professionally-designed and branded chamber of commerce website complete with the ChamberFusion management system -your fully-integrated website will include a complete online marketing system as well as the membership management module and the social media integration. You'll be saving THOUSANDS of Chamber of Commerce Web Designdollars a year in administration costs while generating ADDITIONAL revenue every month in advertising and enhanced membership-option revenue. Your organization will be growing by leaps and bounds, your members will be happier, your visitors will return again and again and your executive team is giving each other high fives and spending their time enhancing the organization (instead of pulling their hair out while fighting their website).


Generate Revenue for your Chamber

We know you're short on cash and manpower -that's why we designed the ChamberFusion system in the first place, to help you generate additional revenue with less time! One of our goals is to transform your website from a static brochure to a dynamic online storefront, where visitors and members can make purchases and have their credit cards billed automatically. Here are three examples of how you can use ChamberFusion to grow your Chamber's bottom line:

Add Professional Advertising
Generate thousands of dollars of additional revenue each month by having members advertise on your website, as 'featured members' or paid banner advertisers. We have an automated ad delivery and scheduling system that helps you get started and enhanced reporting functionality to generate reports for your advertisers.

Enhanced Member Profiles
By offering different levels or types of membership listings you give your members the level of service they WANT to pay for, including the ability to edit and add information to their business listing (photo galleries, job postings, special offers, etc), increasing their exposure to the search engines and potential customers as well as their over-all value and experience; we have several chamber members using their chamber of commerce member page as their ONLY website presence and achieving tremendous results (click here for an example:
maple valley accountant)

Grow your Membership Base
Grow your member base with 24/7 online registration and membership renewal; we've included built-in sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help you turn leads into sales, for adding businesses to the chamber and referring inquiries to members to help them close the sale.

Sell Coupons, Tickets, Featured Products & More
Using your new ChamberFusion system you can sell everything from member products ("deal of the day") to coupon books to event registration and tickets, or even sell your own products that promote your community (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.).

Put Newsletter Marketing to Work:
Using your integrated email/newsletter marketing system to promote members, special offers, events and even items for sale -you can even offer your members the opportunity to sponsor your weekly mailing for a fee!

Just by implementing the above additional revenue streams ChamberFusion system pays for itself in just a few months -what else has that kind of ROI!?!

The PERFECT Chamber of Commerce System!

We have spent several years building a system that has automated as much as possible (including Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Chamber Management SoftwareQuickbooks integration, event scheduling and registration, and much more) so you will no longer have to waste your limited time on these tasks. We've also made it easy for your to manage -the entire chamberFusion system is designed to be managed from a single interface and it takes just minutes to add an event, add or edit a page on your website, update member information (i.e. change a phone number, update an address, add a photo gallery) for a member, etc -you can even have your members log in with their own userID to make their own changes... With the ChamberFusion system you truly CAN do more with less!

Let's get your Chamber started!

Make efelle media YOUR online marketing partner -just give us a call at 206.384.4909 or 866.394.7520 OR use our handy web-based contact form, here. We can answer your questions and give you detailed case studies on how other chambers have used ChamberFusion to grow their organization!

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