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With efelle's organic search engine optimization we're consistently ranked high with key search terms, driving prospects to OUR site first, ahead of the referral sites in our industry that charge finder fees!
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The efelle design team did an excellent job capturing a unique look and feel for our website. The CMS module made managing the website content easier for the experienced and the novice website manager.
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Givens Pursley
Boise, Idaho
The online marketing team at efelle worked wonders for my company -we are now selling 50% more online than we were the quarter before efelle took over!
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FusionCMS Professional Website Content Management

The user friendly website management tool that Search Engines LOVE!

Website Content Management System

An effective website Content Managment System (CMS) will save you time and money by letting you make content changes, in real-time, from your own computer without having to hire, pay and wait for a developer.

FusionCMS is efelle media's premium Content Management System; an easy-to-use, intuitive publishing tool built into all of our Website Development projects. FusionCMS is a Search Engine-friendly, browser-based web system that allows non technical staff with no programming knowledge to manage the site's content from ANY internet-enabled computer, regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac or other).

FusionCMS eliminates website maintenance costs and enables you to update web content at your convenience. This allows you to maintain a fresh and dynamic feel that encourages visitors to return on an ongoing basis for useful information.

The FusionCMS website content manager maintains your site's design and layout integrity by utilizing style sheets created by our design staff to control the look of the content you edit and manage the website navigational layout and structure. All website content is entered through a secure browser interface, with FusionCMS accommodating multiple user levels to protect data integrity and maximize administrative efficiency. FusionCMS integrates a complete set of custom designed modules that enable staff to focus on page content authoring and formatting, rather than navigation and design layouts.

Your website design and development project manager will demonstrate how to use FusionCMS prior to your website project going live. FusionCMS comes with a comprehensive user guide to help you get started, and support is just a phone call, email or support ticket away! Also, for those looking for extra functionality (such as online product catalogs, image galleries, newsletter management or ecommerce), we provide an extensive range of optional components...please contact us for additional information.

* Definition: Content Management System - CMS - A system used to manage the content of a Web site. Content management systems allow a content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site in REAL TIME without needing the expertise of a web developer.

Website Advertising Management Module for FusionCMS

The Advertising Banner module allows users to place message or advertising banners on their website. They can offer banner advertising to third parties and use the module...[Website Advertising Management Module for FusionCMS ]

Business Blog Module for FusionCMS

Blogs are great website tools for several reasons: by updating your site with content that is relevant to (and of interest to) your viewers you'll generate repeat traffic...[Business Blog Module for FusionCMS ]

Event Scheduling Module for FusionCMS

The Event Scheduler module allows lets you schedule and display upcoming events on your website through an easy to update interface. Older, out of date events are automat...[Event Scheduling Module for FusionCMS ]

File Manager Module for FusionCMS

The File Manager Website CMS module: Website Content Management System (CMS) Overview. The file manager is an easy-to-use tool that allows our clients and CMS users to m...[File Manager Module for FusionCMS ]

Form Builder Module for FusionCMS

Using the Form Builder, CMS users can create their own forms in minutes! The forms can have a virtually unlimited number of questions / items and the output for the forms...[Form Builder Module for FusionCMS ]

Image Gallery Module for FusionCMS

The Image & Gallery Module lets you build web-based image galleries quickly and easily! This CMS module can be used on its own or in combination with other modules -on it...[Image Gallery Module for FusionCMS ]

Location Manager Module for FusionCMS

The Location Manager will let you maintain a listing of your various offices or company locations... This is a great way to enable people to find the closest branch of yo...[Location Manager Module for FusionCMS ]

Newsletter Module for FusionCMS

As most business owners know, it is 10 times more expensive to get a new customer as it is to keep an existing customer; why not increase sales to your existing client ba...[Newsletter Module for FusionCMS ]

Job Listings Module for FusionCMS

You can now add job listings to your website using the Online Job Listings Module! Posting jobs online is now easy to do, getting maximum exposure for your open positions...[Job Listings Module for FusionCMS ]

News Module for FusionCMS

Our News CMS module allows you to publish news features on your website in a comprehensible and uniform manner. With the help of a template you can present the news from ...[News Module for FusionCMS ]

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Give us a call at 206.384.4909 to talk about FusionCMS Professional Website Content Management, or use our online contact form!

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